Enabling horizontal layout


To enable this feature you must create a JSON file, we have used designer.config.json as the default file name. This file is used to store the existing features.

For now only the layout direction feature is supported.

File sample:

  "workflowLayout": {
    "enabled": true,
    "ui": true,
    "defaultValue": "topbottom"


  • enabled: determines if the feature is enabled and will be applied
  • ui: determines if the feature is displayed in the UI or not.
  • defaultValue: the initial value. For the layout feature the options are: "topbottom", "bottomtop", "leftright" & "rightleft".

You can also take a look at the elsa-core/src/designer/elsa-workflows-studio/src/assets/designer.config.json file which is used for the example.

Next you must pass the file location to the root component.

Important The location is not the location of the file in the project, but rather the URL or relative path from the host. It will try do a request to that location to get the file so make sure it's accessible.

<elsa-studio-root server-url="https://localhost:11000" monaco-lib-path="build/assets/js/monaco-editor/min" culture="en-US" config="build/assets/designer.config.json">
  <!-- The root dashboard component -->

Using in the application

Now that the settings are enabled you should have an extra tab in the designer:

Any changes done to the layout are also applied to instance editor. The layout cannot be changed from the instance editor.